Freedoms Reign: Searching for Truth

America and its freedoms are under direct attack by an international concern. Most of us have heard the term “The New World Order”, but very few truly understand the insidiousness of this glossy phrase. It’s because of this lack of real information, and the threat that this globalist scheme poses to our Constitution and our Freedoms, that we have launched this site. We hope to educated and inform all those searching for answers outside the main stream media. The media will not betray its corporate agenda of globalism. They will use smoke and mirrors, division and misdirection, race baiting and fear mongering, all to distract you from the cancer eating at our countries middle class.

We are a non-partisan group, and blame both the Republicans and the Democrats for allowing this international concern to take control of our government and financial systems, but we also blame ourselves. Our founding fathers knew, as we still do, that it falls to the people to stand guard over our rights and freedoms. The People are the final arbiters of justice and the protectors of our constitution.

Do not take our word for it! Please research and learn the truth behind what we are sharing with you. Time is running out, and we need you to see for yourself how deep the rabbit hole goes. Come to your own conclusions, we may soon lose even that right.