What is wrong with checking someone immigration status?

Having Judge Susan R. Bolton gut the Arizona immigration bill SB1070 for the most part was a blow to the sovereignty of the United States. The Arizona law attempted to do what the Federal Government had failed to do protect our boarders and our security. In my opinion too many people are looking at this as an anti-Hispanic law but I have a much different take on this law and why it is so important local law enforcement have a tool like this law. This law allows for local law enforcement our first line of defense to check the status of anyone suspected to be here illegally when they cannot provide proper or any documentation. A law like this could have been helpful in the September 11 attacks where 3 of the terrorist had been here illegally at the time of the attack. Could this have stop the attack most likely not but having a law that does require checking of status for persons expected of not being citizens is so important in today’s world.

Take for example the story of the Barefoot Bandit Colton Harris-Moore which is a perfect illustration of what could happen. Not many people are willing to admit it but our boarders are extremely porous. In Colton’s case he stole a plane and flew it without any interference of the FAA or Homeland Security even noticing an unauthorized flight was in the air. How many stories of drug dealers making drug run have we heard? What if any difference is that compared to a terrorist doing the same thing? If a terrorist did get a hold of a small plane and flew it into the county with a biological agent or a brief case nuclear bomb on board the only thing to impede them would be local law enforcement. There are a few things that truly stand out when you first come in contact with someone from a different country and that is someone speaking in broken English or with a heavy accent. Top that with not being able to produce any documentation should be enough to hold someone without the specter of racial profiling. I consider it profiling of any type it would have to be cultural profiling if you English is broken and you don’t have basic I.D. you probably should be here and that is the truth of it. This goes for any one of any ethnic background around the world if you speak with an English, German, Italian, Slovak or Spanish accent there is a 99.999%  chance you where not born an American Citizen.

America is a country of immigrants and it is also a country of laws when people stop respecting the laws this country breaks down. I still have my great grandfathers’ papers showing his status as an immigrant from Italy and his naturalization papers. When you come here legally having a legal form of I.D. is not hard to get or produce for an immigrant.  I see this blatant attempt by left wing liberal populist movement as a way to destroy the integrity of this country. When they advocate ignoring the fact that people are here illegally and we should give them a free pass they destroy this country.


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